Richard - Draughtsman/Structural Engineer in New Design & Standardisation

Richard - Draughtsman/Structural Engineer in New Design & Standardisation

“It is a challenge to always keep every standard up to date.”

As Draughtsman/Structural Engineer, I am employed in the Mechanical Engineering department. By making structural and detail drawings, I ensure the standardisation of our existing systems. The aim is to ensure that our machines are already finished to a large extent and can be made customer-specific as easily as possible whenever there is a new order. I also ensure we always purchase the same products from the same group of suppliers. This is more efficient and it also prevents uncontrolled fragmentation of the parts for the systems we build. I am actually a bridge between purchasing and engineering and ensure that all standards are properly completed, properly usable, and consequently as simple as possible to modify. The time spent on a project differs for every system. It is a challenge to always keep every standard up to date, and close cooperation with colleagues is needed to achieve this.

I enjoy working in a young team. The average age of my colleagues is around 35, so as you see we are a young and dynamic company. The working atmosphere within Houdijk is excellent, making it very pleasant for me to work here. I think this is also very important. For example, we have a small group of about six people with whom we sometimes arrange cycling tours outside working hours. Most colleagues like sports. The Houdijk Games are organised twice a year, in the winter and in the summer. This sometimes gets very competitive, but it lets you get to know your colleagues well.

I first did a placement here during my mechanical engineering course. My uncle works here too – has done for 35 years – and he told me about the company. Houdijk Holland is indeed a family company, but in my case it was just luck. With a technical education, there are plenty of opportunities here, and that makes Houdijk a great company to work for.

From oven to packaging – Worldwide.

Every day, millions of products pass through our feeding and sorting systems on their way from the oven to the packaging division. This is done with the greatest possible efficiency and care. Houdijk has earned a unique international position in this segment. Our mission and our ambition is to be: First in Biscuit Feeding – Worldwide.

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